Company Profile
         Hangzhou Fushan Medical Appliances Co., Ltd., located in the scenic Linglong Industrial Park of Hangzhou City, was established in July 2005.
         As a manufacturer of silicone and plastic disposables with standard clean room of class 100000, Fushan was designed and constructed totally in accordance with GMP standards and requirements, and sequently gained the certificates of ISO13485,CE, and CFDA for the domestic and international sales and registrations. Fushan is one of the high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, was equipped with leading international production and testing machines for silicone and plastic products.
         Fushan imported the most advanced REP solid/liquid injection molding system from France; Fushan has the Sterile Testing Room, Physical and Chemical Testing Room and Electrical Laboratory. Fushan has installed a big Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Cabinet according to CE requirement, and can provide the professional sterilization report.
         Fushan Company now is producing the medical macromolecular material products, including Silicone, PVC, TPU and other Plastic products. With the principle of “Standard, Scrupulous, Concentration, Creation”, Fushan is committed to the human health, pays attention the employees’ self-value realization, proposes the harmonious development of the staff promotion and the company progress.


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